Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Morning's Walk

Actually, these photos cover about a third of one morning's walk.  Otherwise, the post would be three pages long! 

We tried to get up every morning and walk the hills in Bisbee.  Craig always had some cool lane or stairway he'd discovered with a surprise he wanted to show me.  This particular morning, we started up the brick lane across the street to the top of a hill where he'd found a stairway that led down to Main Street.

Which reminds me, growing up in a tiny town, we always used the phrase 'going to town' if we were walking or driving the two blocks to Main Street.  Being in Bisbee brought back lots of memories!

I call this cottage the Gnome House.  It hangs over the edge of the  hill with outstanding views towards the top of that brick lane, which I think is Maxfield Avenue?

This old army jeep was sitting on a lot at the bottom of the hill.

In the vicinity of the Gnome House, Craig led me down a stairway.  A short distance down, I saw this gate!  Old car/truck doors and fenders get re-purposed as yard art in Bisbee.

Down the stairway a bit, we met a woman training for the Bisbee 1000 in October.  It's a  big stair climbing event!

As always, we did a little window shopping on the morning walk when we reached Main Street.

This art gallery has a really colorful door!

This shop sells Bisbee type women's clothing.  One day having lunch, I overheard a conversation between women dressed in this mode.  One woman was relating that she'd been in the Tucson airport and another woman had asked her if she was from Bisbee because of the top she had on.  I'm surprised no one has asked me in an airport if I'm from Kohl's!

A few other colorful doors in the same area of Main Street.

 Here's what I call the Wiccan Shop.  We don't have one of these back home!

My absolute favorite boutique -- Bliss Bee.  The shop carries jewelry findings and craft supplies -- the kind that would normally have to be ordered from Etsy.  Next trip, I'm going to schedule a class!  For now, I purchased a lot of findings needed to make pendants.

All the downtown buildings are historic dating back to the early 1900's.

Phelps Dodge was the mining company.

Love this political poster.  Shawnee's more desirable than some of the candidates running in our area!

I'll sign off now.  I didn't even get to the coffee shop.  After that, we looped up Brewery Gulch and took another stairway back up the hill to the house.

We're missing our hilly walks, but at least we now have A/C again.  The unit once again shut down during the night on Sunday after we returned from Bisbee.  Fortunately, we'd hedged our bets and set up an appointment for Monday morning before we left town.  This time, the company sent out a different repairman (we insisted on it).  This guy figured out the actual problem and repaired all the other repairman's mistakes.  And there's a list of them.  He also ordered us a new fan blade because the other repairman left wires hanging down into the unit which bent the blades.  Grrrrrrr.  I'm so glad we have a homeowner's warranty so we don't have to fight over the bill.  I'm doubting now that we actually needed a new condenser and a new compressor.  What we needed was a competent repairman.

If all goes well tomorrow when the repairman returns to install the new fan blade, the answer to the riddle (How many men and appointments does it take to fix an air conditioner?) will be 5 appointments and 2 or 3 repairmen.  That's a first!


drgeo said...

Looking forward to photos of the pendants you made.

Ann said...

Oh, I so want to go there! But at least I can live vicariously through you!

stillhowlyn said...

Have really enjoyed your photos of Bisbee. Always like visiting that area where we stay in Benson and do a big circle drive south past Tombstone, then Bisbee and back thru Huachuca to Kartchner Caverns.

Janet said...

Great pictures, there's that great eye again! Lol, do you live in Kohl's. I literally belly laughed!! Thanks Becky!

Life's a Beach! said...

Janet,glad I made you laugh! Stillhowlyn, Bisbee's always been one of our favorite places in Arizona. We'll probably be going back more now that we have a place to stay with the dog. Ann, Arizona's a long haul from Connecticut. We think about going to Maine and Vermont in the fall, but when I buy airfare, I'd rather go to the tropics. drgeo, maybe I'll post a photo today of the one I made yesterday.