Friday, August 24, 2012

More Strange Encounters

Before I forget, I need to tell a little story.  On one of our Bisbee morning walks, we stopped to admire a mural on the wall.  Another walker swooped up from behind and boomed out, Welcome to Bisbee!  We made friendly chitchat for a few seconds and he then said,  If you're thinking about moving to Bisbee and buying a house -- don't!

Okay, how strange!   Craig and I both got quiet and waited for the punchline.  You'd hate it here!  The town's full of a bunch of bleeding heart liberals!

Okay, we both bit our lips and suppressed giggles.  I mean -- we don't live in Bisbee, but we knew that!  It's one of the attributes that attracts us!  It's an oasis of free spirits in a state mostly full of people who just assume that everyone in their midst is a far right conservative.  Arizona does have its little pockets where a Democrat might have a chance of getting elected, and Bisbee's probably one of them.  I'm sure there are plenty of people of both persuasions in the town, but it definitely has a free-thinking edge.

The man went on to say he was a Texan who moved to Bisbee to reinvent himself after a bad divorce.   And he quickly realized he was surrounded by what he deems the enemy.   I felt a little sorry for the guy, so we listened to his numerous complaints about paradise turned sour.   The town's full of retired professors and hippies.  Nothing gets done because the bleeding heart liberals block it.  Blah blah blah.

We kept our mouths shut.  It comes natural to us after being surrounded for the past six years.  I think the man finally realized he was possibly communing with the enemy and said his goodbyes and left.

I guess the moral of the story is -- look before you leap!  You might be plopped down in a kingdom where people have diverse opinions and be forced to get along with people of different political and religious persuasions.

Okay, I didn't mean to bludgeon the topic to death, but take a look at these murals from the walls all over town and tell me -- don't you see a few hints in these that just maybe this might be an area with a few liberals roaming around?  Peace out man.  LOL


isladeb said...

OMG, a Texan who actually moved out of Texas??? Unbelievable! And to think he moved to a liberal "hell"...hahaha! Too funny!

jeanie said...

What an amazing little town Beck. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

krisla said...

Guess he was pretty clueless...does that say anything about Texans?
Guess he got that state right, but not the town. Bisbee looks pretty fun to me...will put it on my bucket list. Enjoyed the photos. -k

Jana said...

That was a funny story!! LOL. Cool murals, too.
Jana (the coolest Texas you know)

Kay said...

I love to respond to stuff like that by saying something like, "Gee, thanks for telling us this! We hadn't thought of moving here, but it sounds like just the place for us--where's the nearest real estate office?"

Love the murals.

Ann said...

Ditto what Jeanie said! I was telling a friend about the town yesterday & I'm going to send her a link to your blog!

Life's a Beach! said...

Too funny Deb! Kay, we kicked ourselves for not telling him it sounded like our kind of place! Actually, we've thought about moving there, but it's a little too far from a city for us. We also have a lot of questions about possible environmental negatives from copper mining. Kris, I guess the guy just ass-umed. LOL Jana, you and Deb are definitely the coolest Texans I know. Well, we might have to include a few others! Ann, Bisbee is worth visiting. It's one of our fave destinations in the state.