Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Tuesday Taunts

I just had to add some more photos to Friday's scavenger hunt. It's record-breaking heat here in Phoenix right now, so I'm glad the repairman showed up yesterday morning and fixed the other A/C unit. We're good to go, and the man cave is open again so Craig doesn't have to suffer through HGTV and Bravo.

So back to the game. Can anyone guess . . .

The location of this distinguished man?

Where this paper maiche monster hangs out?

Which hotel has these signs in the palm trees on Playa Norte?

The location of this door?  It's one of the older buildings on the island.

The street this restaurant is located on?  By the way, has anyone eaten there?

The approximate location of this pillar on the malecon?  Hint -- it's close to a new restaurant.

The location of this sidewalk symbol?

I'm hoping these are a little less obscure than my Friday attempt!  Have at it!



Nancy said...

No other guesses yet! Vinales (with the squiggle)is on Rueda Medina and I have never eaten there although I hope to sometime.
The Cuba malecon post...near Victor's Cuban Restaurant.
That's all I know.

Nancy said...

For the sidewalk symbol, my hubby says it's at Punta Sur. I thought it was near Jax.
For the door, we both guess it's on Juarez but we're not sure where.
The hotel with the signs: Maria del Mar?