Saturday, August 11, 2012

And the Food's a Lot Better!

Summer camp brings back memories of slop in the mess hall with the counselors serving big pasty lukewarm bowls of mashed potatoes with peas.  So far, we're faring a lot better here in our little retreat.

Last night we feasted on Enchilada Suizas and Street Tacos with Chorizo at Santiago's, just a short walk down the hill. 

To get to Santiago's, we roll down the hill and take a left just past the dog.

And take a look at Craig's Meatloaf Sandwich with Butternut Squash Soup from Cafe Cornucopia today at noon.

The photo doesn't do the sandwich justice because it was amazing!  Maybe we'll just order a whole meatloaf sandwich next trip and split it -- instead of me ordering a salad and eating all the Italian meatballs out of his soup and numerous bites of the meatloaf?

As my mother used to say about summer camp, what doesn't kill you . . .

Will make you stronger fatter?

Hmmmmmm.  What's for dinner tonight?


drgeo said...

Translation please. If you had "street tacos" would they not be from a street vendor instead of a restaurant with dinnerware called Santiagos? Which word do I not understand?

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, they call them street tacos on their menu. I guess it refers to the style of taco. I've noticed that on a lot of restaurant menus lately. I had them again tonight with pulled chicken. Yum!

CurlSnout said...

Lovely... but now I'm hungry! Need more cool door pics, stat! :)