Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad Juju!

Here's what I had for my birthday breakfast! A little Blackberry on rice. My streak of bad luck continues! I truly think I need a witch doctor intervention to break this spell.

Last week I was laughing at a Facebook friend's photo of Fuckett Road,but little did I know, I'd be headed down it for the next week. OMG!

It all started with the Honda Pilot episode. We got stuck in the parking lot at a Fry's grocery last Thursday night. Long story short -- emergency roadside assistance after diddling around for an hour trying to get the key to turn the ignition. Next morning, the same thing triggered an emergency tow to the Honda dealership. $500 later, after the car supposedly being fixed, we were stuck again on Sunday afternoon in another hot Arizona parking lot 10 miles from home. And yes, the car was once again towed to the dealership.

Episode number two -- the back window on my clown car, the VW Bug, broke on the way back from retrieving Craig from the dealership after the tow truck driver dropped him on Sunday. We heard a thunk and the back window had fallen and couldn't get up. Deja vu! The other back window did the same thing last November and cost $500 to repair. Have you ever noticed that all tiny things cost a minimum of $500 at dealerships? That and they give you a list of $2000 of needed maintenance. Right . . . . I've decided maybe I'll just hang a stuffed dog out that back window and just not drive it when it rains! And yes, you guessed it, it's now raining in Arizona!

When I picked up the Pilot on Monday evening, the Honda service rep let me know they weren't blaming us for the piece of plastic they found jammed inside the ignition switch. Jackass! Yep, Craig and I spent an hour in that hot parking lot on Sunday sabotaging their Friday repair so we could have it towed back!

But here's the crowning glory of the entire Pilot debacle. Tuesday night, Craig needed a ride home from the airport. Since his bag wouldn't fit in the clown car, I decided to drive his car to the airport. I turned the key in the ignition and all I heard was clickety clickety clickety click. The interior lights dimmed, flickered, and went black. The rocket scientists at the dealership had left the interior maplights on. It was down for the count.

Craig used the clown car to jump the Pilot Wednesday morning and headed to the Phoenix Convention Center. Fortunately, when it was time to leave, some friendly guys gave him a jump and he purchased a new battery last night.

So -- you think my bad juju is over -- right? This morning when Craig and Saby came back from their morning walk, Craig noticed my cellphone lying in the grass. It rained all last night and the sprinkler system had just come on to finish the job. My cellphone evidently fell out of my purse last night when we got home from the battery replacement trip.

And this, my friends, is just half of the story of my bad juju week. The rest involves a mammogram, but that installment will have to wait.

Anway, call me! Oops . . . forgot! My cellphone went for a swim.


drgeo said...

Sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy! Next week maybe the window could fall out of the bug and the wind could dry out your still damp phone! Then you could back over the phone and crush it with the Honda. Don't forget to place both palms on your cheeks and wail "Aye yie yie !"

So how do you keep from ROFL while life keeps handing you these straight lines?

Moongrl722 said...

Wow! that's craziness. Ya gotta love the fact that the Honda dealership didn't blame you for the piece of plastic. That is priceless.

Sue said...

Wow, tough breaks...sounds like our Limey episodes! Hoping all goes well, mostly with you and your health. Good luck!

Vee said...

Oops, Becky, I wished you a rainy day for your birthday before reading about your back window and your cell phone. Geez, gf, you are on a roll.

Ann said...

OMG! it can only get better! Have a great birthday!

Life's a Beach! said...

Well . . . the cellphone is now working, but the screen is a little trashed. I decided to just girl up and go get some errands done today with the window permanently down and my cellphone in tow in the Ziploc filled with rice and dessicant paks. Michael called me and asked if I heard the helicopters in the background. Yes, and I also heard all the sirens. He was across the street from some mall in the L.A. area where he's setting up for a show tomorrow. Someone set a fire in the mall and there was supposedly a crazy gunman. He said he'll probably just stick around there and help the store do cleanup tomorrow. As Craig says -- just not our week! Aye yie yie!

This too shall pass, and I decided to just eat cake! Literally! Thanks for the laugh drgeo! And Sue, I immediately thought of Limey! And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and concern!

GLORIA said...

Becky - sorry about all this nonsense you and Craig have had to put up with. It can only get better!! My Gosh, just a slew of car troubles!! Keep your chin up:-)

Life's a Beach! said...

Hey Gloria! At least no blood was shed, so we're good! See ya in January! : )