Tuesday, November 25, 2008

California Dreaming

While it's still November, I thought I'd post a flashback to a trip we took in November 2003! We were on the way back from spending Thanksgiving with our son down in Arizona. We happened upon a little town I'd love to visit again someday.

One of these days, I'll hop in the car and drive back to Cambria, California. Just take a little drive up the coast with the top down to one of my favorite little beach towns! Cambria's just south of San Simeon, the location of Hearst Castle. It's a quaint funky little town with galleries, nice little restaurants, and a great beach to explore. It's been awhile since we were there, but it was another November and we stayed at Cambria Pines Lodge, on a hill above the village area. The room had the most comfortable bed I've ever jumped on (just testing to see if anyone actually reads this!), a little fireplace, and a deck that hung over a pine forest behind the room. I collected HUGE pine cones to take home. It was a nice little winding walk down the hill to the village. Another trip, also in November, we stayed at a funky little beach motel across from Moonstone Beach. The weather was warm with crispy mornings, and the crowds were gone. Nice!

Both trips we took tours of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. It's a short drive up the coast to the visitor's center where you pick the tour you'd like to take and explore the museum until your time arrives. We've been twice and only touched the tip of the iceberg. By the way, you can't literally 'touch' anything without a guard suddenly appearing to slap your knuckles! But the estate is huge, and most of the contents are priceless!

On our last trip up the Central Coast, we just happened to be there during the elephant seal migration. Actually, I think it may have had something to do with mating? They migrated to mate? Ha! Anyway, we pulled up to a beach turnout and saw what appeared to be large logs spread all over the beach. Once out of the car, we realized the logs were seals! (Stinky barking logs!) Here are some photos from that last trip through Cambria, California.

Flower Planter in Cambria

Cambria Pines Lodge

Elephant Seal Migration

A Face Only a Mother Could Love
(Face above -- not below!)

Moonstone Beach, Cambria

San Simeon Pier

Hearst Castle Grounds

Hearst Castle Pool

One of Many Castle Doors!

Cambria Pines Garden

Birdhouses in the Garden


Vee said...

Oooh, I love that first birdhouse, Beck. And jumping on the bed? See, I pay attention!

Isla Deb said...

Great pictures! A little over a year ago, I took a short trip to San Francisco and drove up the coast to Bodega Bay (where they filmed "The Birds"), then through Napa Valley...what a beautiful drive. I wish I had had more time to explore.

Moongrl722 said...

Girl Trip Feb 2009 is a Bohemian Gypsy Girl trip down Highway 1 in California! San Jose to LA. I'll put Cambria on our list of stops and we already have tickets to tour Hearst Castle. We are staying that night at the Madonna Inn - what a hoot!

Life's a Beach! said...

Vee, you caught that! Ha! Deb, we drove the coast and through Napa Valley once and it was beautiful. Moonie, you and the girls have WAY too much fun! I'm hoping we can get back to the California Coast sometime soon!