Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Walking Juarez

Where is Juarez?  It's the north/south street between Medina, the dock street, and Hidalgo, the main shopping/restaurant street on Isla Mujeres.  Medina is where you'll see the most fishermen, boats, commissionistas, and daytrippers, and Hidalgo consists mainly of restaurants and shops.  Juarez is more of a local's street with a mixture of shops, loncherias, and homes.  It's a good street to walk down if you want to witness the local culture.

The island wakes up in the morning with locals walking to work on Juarez.   Notice all the crossed wiring.  I rarely look up, but it's a tangle in this photo.

Juarez is home to some of the oldest most colorful homes on the island.

This mosaic wonder is a fairly recent (within the last few years) addition to Juarez.

 La Susanita, a local loncheria on Juarez.
Juarez is peppered with these signs nailed to residences along the street.  The sign means please, no parking.  People who live there need to be able to park their vehicles.

Some blue gingerbread trim on another historic casa.
La Lomita, a small loncheria up the hill at the south end of Juarez, is known for its bean soup, enchilada suizas, and ever evolving shrine.
Another colorful address on Juarez, Galeria 13 Juarez, houses a decor store.
Poc Chuc, a well known loncheria on the corner of Juarez, has a menu board outside where you can take a photo!  Stick your head through!  I did!
Local women walking past my favorite spot at Mogagua.
 Mogagua's the best place for frappes and watching the world pass by on Juarez!

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