Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Muelle 7

People back home in Arizona often ask me how we can stand to eat Mexican food everyday for a month when we're on Isla Mujeres.  Say what? 

All types of cuisine ranging from American bar food, Italian, Mediterranean, Cuban, Mayan, Asian fusion, Mexican traditional, and a sprinkling of the Tex/Mex that we Americans classify as Mexican food can be found on the island.  I've heard there's even a Kentucky Fried Chicken type restaurant and Chinese carryout in La Gloria.  Since we're visiting an island in the Caribbean and hail from a landlocked state in the U.S., we can't get enough of the fish and seafood that locals catch and sell to restaurants everyday.

This lovely warm June evening, we were in Quintana Roo on Isla Mujeres, but we weren't dining at our usual haunt down at the docks -- Bally Hoo.

Instead we decided to stroll the sidewalk a few doors south on the Rueda Medina waterfront and dine at another favorite -- Muelle 7.  (In case you're wondering, Muelle 7 translates to Pier 7.)

I ordered the Fish Veracruz and it was amazing! 

Craig ate the freshly caught tuna cooked to medium perfection.  Both fish dishes were placed atop a bed of rice with crisp grilled veggie kebabs. Yum!

After finishing my fish, I noticed the Happy Hooker's dinghy propped against a palm next to the dining palapa on the beach.  No pun intended, but Muelle 7's food always creates a happy ending to a fun evening on Isla!

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