Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Neighborhood Walk

I'm trying to reform my lazy ways the final days of our three weeks on Isla Mujeres with a morning walk through the colonias before the heat and humidity of the day descends.  Currently at 2:30 pm the temp is 90 degrees, but the real feel is 105, so walks take place early!

This house was a landmark for us back in the day when we rode bikes through the colonias.   I think the paint's still the same color.  I first noticed the house because I was fascinated by family altars.

This woman's been setting up her fruit/vegetable stand on the same corner forever.  Later in the day, she moves around the corner to escape the hot sun.

I've always loved these two side by side doors.  Different rooms?  Separate apartments?

We noticed this tacqueria on a street that curves toward Chedraui for the first time yesterday.

Horse trailer? Another one just like it sits on a lot on the Caribe side.

                                    A second tortilleria a few blocks south of the one below.


I should start counting the number of Bugs I see on each morning walk, but I get too distracted by clotheslines!

Happy Domingo!

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