Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Sopa

It sounds crazy  I got hooked on Azteca Soup from Amigos in July when the temp was 90 degrees (real feel 105)!  
I hate to admit it, but we hadn't eaten at Amigos since 2005.  After noticing friends repeatedly seated there in the evening, we decided it was time to revisit our restaurant choices.  We made up for lost time this trip with repeated visits.
Back in 2004, we always ordered the Roquefort Steak.  Craig tried it again and yum!  I stuck to my soup (with many bites of his steak) and was never disappointed!  The soup also comes with the puffy bread, another favorite.  
You gotta try it!  Tell them the crazy lady who kept ordering the sopa in July and mopping up the bowl with the puffy bread sent you!
Amigos is located on Hidalgo across from Suites Los Arcos next to El Patio.  Most nights El Patio has music up top and if you're sitting at Amigos, the sound level is just right!  Bonus!
When I return home from our trip to the Northwest in August, I have to try this recipe for Azteca Soup!

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Karen Heath said...

I'm so enjoying all your post Bec, we vacationed in Riviera Maya this year so I am really missing Isla! Amigos is one of my all time favorite restaurants but I have not tried the soup, best margaritas on the island imho. Next time I will try the soup!
Karen in OH