Saturday, July 25, 2015

Da' Beach

You'll be relieved to know da' beach is still there.  The sand is white and the water is a beautiful shade of pale turquoise, but I have a confession. 
Craig and I really don't love going to Playa Norte, especially in the hot summer months when the sun is so intense.  I do love swimming in the warm Caribe water in June/July, but neither of us enjoy sitting on the beach. 
We usually spend less than two hours on Playa Norte when we go.  I water walk, but still haven't mastered the zen art of walking on water.  After I've had my dip, Craig steps in for a few minutes to cool off and we leave. 
We probably trudged through the sand of Playa Norte no more than 5 times in the three weeks we were on island in June/July.

Here's my June photo of the FeliPez booth.  Right after I took the first photo, a guy came running, gave me an angry look, and quickly shut all the doors.  The guys who work there usually pose and make bunny ears for my photos.  Surely they didn't get in trouble over bunny ears?  I'm still scratching my head.

The lilies were blooming in the white sand.

And the palms where we place our beach chair were decorated with colorful pareos and clothes.

Chimbo's mural looked improved since our January trip.

Along with a new lobster door!
We go early before the crowds arrive and leave before noon.  I know you must think we're crazy not to spend every day lounging on da' beach, but don't feel sorry for us.  There's an attractive alternative to Playa Norte on hot summer days.
It's 10 degrees cooler in a pool on the Caribe side!  Ta daaaa.  Stay cool!

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