Monday, July 13, 2015

The Coconut Telegraph


A lot of news on a small island gets spread by way of the coconut telegraph.  It's like a game of Button Button where you whisper a secret in someone's ear and see how it changes as it passes round the circle. 

But I'm teasing.  I have no secrets to tell -- just a few updates.

The summer is no longer low season.  People comment on message boards about summer being 'slow' season, but that must be in September?  El Centro seems packed during the day with a traffic jam each afternoon, and most restaurants have a healthy amount of patrons. 

Lobster's in season now.  It's fresh!

The new Sunset Grill is open out in the marina area south on Medina next to Bahia Tortuga.

It is not raining on Isla.  I fully expected a tropical wave or two during our three weeks, but nada. 

That's not to say it's not HOT.  My best tip for summer travelers is stay along the Caribe windward side.  It feels 10 degrees cooler than Playa Norte or the bay side.

The bus is running.  No wait.  It's broken down on the corner of Casa Ixchel, so don't wait for it!  Oops.  It's gone this morning, so maybe it's running again!

This I know is true!  Coco Frios can be purchased all over the island.  The stand pictured above is on the southern Caribe side in Guadalupana where all the shell stands are located out front.

That's all I've got for now!  If I hear any good secrets, you probably won't read them here.  LOL

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