Thursday, December 8, 2011

That's Amore!

We've been wanting to eat at Pita Amore since last June, but out of sight, out of mind. And it seemed like whenever we thought about dining there, it was the wrong day or the wrong time.  Here's Craig posing in front back in June.  Its location is one of my favorite old buildings on the island, back on Guerrero just north of the square and supermercado. 

And here's Pita Amore all lit up for Christmas!

Anyway, yesterday after Craig's dive, he was famished and we decided to see if Pita Amore was open.  Yes!

I chose the Chicken Pita, and Craig ordered the Classic.

Here's my Chicken.  Craig wolfed his Classic so quickly, I didn't get a photo.  Both pitas were wonderful, so it was amore for both of us!  It's a definite recommend!

  Outside, this cute dog was posing like a statue.  He's patiently waiting for his to go order?


Ann said...

Glad you finally got to eat there--I'm adding it to my list for our next trip. Walked by a few times in the past & it's never been open--will keep trying!

krisla said...

I have eaten there. Forgot what I had but it was great, & owner so nice...k

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, the owner was very nice. And the food's good. Maybe we'll hit it again for lunch before we leave. Ann, it's definitely worth the wait!

Linda said...

The vegetarian one sounds yummy!!! I think I will have to try that combination at home!!!