Monday, December 12, 2011

Magic Monday

 Actually, I wish it was Magic Monday so Scotty would beam me up and whisk me home.  It's a travel day and I don't look forward to it.  The party's over and it's time to go home.  I snapped photos all over the island yesterday, so I'll post a few before I start packing.

 Need Nativity parts?

We fear his fate is Christmas goose!

Tiny Hidalgo table.

Don't foul the golfcart!

Costumes galore!

Cemetery angel.

Nothing says Mexico like a big red, green, and white truck!


Catrina said...

Safe travels. I really enjoy your pictures....every time I visit the island I have that aha moment of having seen a door, house, sign on your blog.

krisla said...

Awww..I love the goose poor thing :(
Have a safe trip, & maybe our paths will cross next time on Isla! -kris

drgeo said...

No photos of Craig being strip searched at the Phoenix airport? Better luck next time!

went coastal said...

Ya park on HIS block, he's gonna mark it, grin. Those are Juan Diego shepherd costumes...and now I've written the Guadalupe story a coupla times, I can spell shepherd! Hope your journey was uneventful...Monday the Cancun airport was tranquil, but departures in the US were hectic.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone. Actually, our trip home was a real drag. American Airlines seems to be taking a lot of planes out of service. The flight out of Cancun was delayed due to them having to replace a plane in Dallas, but that didn't matter because our flight out of Dallas ended up not taking off until midnight. They kept taking planes out of service, and finally found one at midnight after a customer uprising from 10 or 12 very vocal (screaming) frequent fliers. The plane was only about a third full, so I think their original plan was to just cancel the flight. Evidently sometimes it does pay to yell. (Craig and I just sat back and watched the scene unfold.)