Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Siete

 The mail must go through!

One of my favorite Juarez doors.

Saturday was a beautiful day at Avalon Cove.

Just noticed this wreath today.

 Fountain at Maria del Mar.

 Another favorite Juarez door.

View of the Avalon bridge.


Ann said...

great shots, Becky--you've been traveling all over the island!

drgeo said...

Just enough time left for Hortensia to make you two elf suits to wear up North for the holidays!

went coastal said...

It would be hard for me to opt to mortar in a doorway, but here they think little of adding or subtracting windows or doorways despite all the rebar and attitude that surprised me. I really enjoy your door photos...well, all your photos!

krisla said...

always love that spot by Avalon, & the bridge; My brother from AZ loves staying there...the water must be still pretty warm over there being so shallow..have to check it out. thanks!

Linda said...

I love the view of the cove!!! It's one of our favorite places to snorkel!!!