Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scuba Craig

As some of you may know, Craig completed his Open Water Dive Certification on Isla Mujeres in December. After checking around, Craig chose to use Gilberto at Carey Dive Shop. Gilberto came highly recommended by a friend on the island, and Craig couldn't have been more pleased with his experience. If any of you are looking for diving instruction or just an Isla shop to dive with, Craig definitely recommends that you talk to Gilberto at Carey. Their location is just a few doors off Rueda Medina on Matamoras, up the street from Captain Tony's.

Gilberto was patient, thorough, safety-minded, and very knowledgeable, and all the equipment and operation ran seamlessly. Craig thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be returning to Carey for any future dives on our trips to Isla! One of the little extras Gilberto included was a DVD with photos from Craig's various dives. Here are some of Gilberto's photos.


krisla said...

wow...really nice. Congrats to Craig on acheiving that. It is tempting, & wonder if I will ever do it...but, good to know a good place. thanks!-k

Ann said...

Awesome photos! Because of my eyesight I have only been once--in Bermuda they have a thing where you can go wearing your glasses & then they put the old fashioned metal bell helmets on was fun--not quite the same as a real dive, but fun none the less.

drgeo said...

Hey Ann,
I tell my optician I want to see if I can try out soft contacts (now that they are new and improved). And after all the fittings and adjustments I wind up with 3-4 pair. As long as you keep renewing the water they are stored in they last for years. I only use them for swimming with goggles or snorkeling. Otherwise I can't see the end of my nose. The beach is lots more fun when I can see!

Life's a Beach! said...

I haven't snorkeled in a few years, but I plan to try again on Ambergris Caye in February. It'll be interesting to see if I can SEE anything since my vision's a lot worse. I'm waiting anxiously for my cataracts to progress because when they're bad enough, I get new eyesight!!!