Monday, December 5, 2011

Got Purses?

I'm always trying to sneak photos of beach vendors, and the women who sell the Guatemalan handicrafts on Playa Norte are my favorite subjects.

While visiting friends at their beach location at Maria del Mar yesterday, I finally decided to bite the bullet.  I dread haggling over price, but that seemed the best way to buy a purse I'd been wanting and get a few decent photos! 

As my friend and I were looking at their wares, the older woman joked to her younger counterpart that we were muy barato.   Si, I understand a little bit of Espanol!

We both ended up with purses, but our heads were spinning from the cambio process.  Ha!

I was trying to be muy barato, but I think she got me!

They had some cute beaded bracelets that I'm now regretting I didn't buy.  Only 19 more shopping days till Christmas and I haven't even started!  


Ann said...

These photos are great--did you use a special setting or processing on them?

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I upload my photos to Kodak editing software that I've used for years. It has a number of glitches, but I like it better than the Panasonic version that came with the Lumix camera. These photos were taken in bad light, so I uploaded them to Picnik to alter them a little more.

Ann said...

I love using Picnik--these are awesome!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, sometimes Picnik can make something nice out of a mess. I really need to just subscribe and upload my photos there to edit.

Jana said...

That last pic is absolutely stunning, the angle, the treatment and the look on her face. Love!

Linda said...

One trip I got a little tipsy and paid $50 USD for a TINY beaded purse from these ladies on the beach. In retrospect, I wonder if she meant $50 pesos??? =:-o