Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food, Glorious Qubano Food!

Sometimes I wonder if the food on Isla Mujeres really tastes that good, or if our taste buds are enhanced due to the fact that we're in paradise? 

Well -- Qubano is definitely one restaurant on Isla Mujeres where the food is amazingly better than any of the similar offerings at home!  This trip we only managed to visit Qubano twice, but both times were simply delicious!

Yum!   We split Vivian's Cobb Salad on our first lunch at Qubano.  As Vivian's sign says, the main ingredient is time and love! 

On the second visit, there was no way I was splitting my lunch with the man in the photo above!

But I did manage to steal some of Craig's watermelon drink!

After perusing the menu board, I chose Vivian's Salad and Craig ordered his favorite Cuban Sandwich.

Vivian's Salad was absolutely wonderful!  The goat cheese croutons on the top -- OMG!  Where can I get THAT at home?

Craig's Cuban was equally satisfying!  (I know because I stole a bite!)

(Stay tuned for more culinary treats from Isla Mujeres.)


AJ. Baxter said...

Nice musical touch! Great images too!

Jana said...

Qubano and Vivian are two of my faves. The Vivian salad is FANTASTIC, as is the Cuban. Try the vegetarian sandwich. Roasted veggies on a toasted garlic roll. OMG.....drool...

Ann said...

Yum! A favorite here, too. Love the toston & hungarian potatoes!

krisla said...

Thanks for the reminder...I didn't get there on my recent short trip :(
but I love that salad also (Vivian said it's goat cheese, sliced, & fried in crumbs (forgot what kind). I've tried to duplicate! -k

Janet said...

Sooo agree! Love the Vivian salad and the Cuban. Have to order the hungarian potatoes too. Yummm.