Monday, June 27, 2011

History from M & J's Isla Gallery

When we were at Soggy Peso for those tacos on Friday, Fredy, the bartender, was telling me a little bit about Isla history. For instance, he said the salinas at one time were one large lagoon, and most people lived north of the Navy base in El Centro until about 40 years ago. He had some cool photos of the old Isla on his cellphone and showed me the shots he'd taken at M&J's Cazuela. Craig and I both decided right then that we needed to eat breakfast there before we left.

Sunday morning, we took advantage of a lull in the rain squalls to walk into town for breakfast. I know I've already seen posts of these photos online, but I thought they were worth sharing again. Wouldn't you have loved to see the island back then?

Craig looking at M & J's historical photo gallery.

Breakfast at M&J's, as usual, was wonderful! I'll be posting more photos of that later this week. We were very impressed with the new location. To be continued!


drgeo said...

Glad there will be a follow up post about Cazuela M&J. This will allow a trip to Pedro's wife's bead stand to both browse and learn what Pedro thinks of his "retirement". Any word on the status of the Minino marimba brothers' progress? I was guessing their incident might have been influenced by the effects of age plus heat and vitamin deficiency. The alternate theory seems to involve Cain and Able and more twists and turns.

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, Pedro is no longer at M&J's and I don't know why. I asked a local who knew him and he didn't even know the explanation. I think some guy named Jose waited on us. Pedro walks the beach with his wife's jewelry. The marimba brothers are back with no obvious bandages. I peeked into Minino's last week and they were playing. We were walking through the colonias the other day and one of them came out of a narrow passageway. I quickly stepped in front of Craig to protect him. (Just kidding!)

drgeo said...

Glad Craig is enjoying his trip, even if his usual Secret Service contingent is down to just one. He only needs one bodyguard, he's so skinny!

Jane said...

What always strikes me in these old photos is how much higher the sand banks were then.

Am looking forward to seeing the new history center display at Mundaca. Have always thought this place would be a great location for that.