Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost Beach Time!

It's time to switch off the Arizona roadtrips and get back to the beach, so I've posted one of my all time favorite Isla Mujeres photos as a header. I took this on a May evening back in 2006 while I was hanging out at Posada del Mar beach with a group of friends. That was back in the day when Chapoy ran the beach concession. The cotton candy man just happened to come strolling across the beach in the golden evening light and I was able to grab the camera.

We're six days away from departure and can't wait! I've been accumulating my pile of sunscreen, hats, tank tops, flip flops, and assorted beach neccesities.

To help get myself in Isla mode, I'll be posting some of my all time favorites in the next few days!


Leo said...

Nice picture. Mine never seem to come out that good.
21 day countdown for us until Isla - cannot wait!

drgeo said...

Don't forget to pack your lifeguard whistle and some floaties for Craig!

krisla said...

those are great shots; look fwd to more; I'm going to swim (again) w/whale sharks in early Aug, & already I am anxious to go too... k

Life's a Beach! said...

Leo, wish we were staying longer than two weeks so we could meet you! Drgeo, don't laugh. I'm packing a large orange inflatable floatie to tie to him when he snorkels in front of Luna Turquesa. A lot of dive and fishing boats come through that area close to shore and I'm afraid he'll get hit! Kris, Craig swam with the whalesharks last year and loved it! I'm not sure he'll go again this year. Craig, who doesn't have motion sickness problems (I do), said he struggled to keep from feeding the fish on that trip. Have fun in August!

Diane said...

Our first trip to Isla is in 31 days! Thanks for helping me get into Isla mode a little ahead of time!