Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Burger at Bing's!

When we were in Old Cottonwood, AZ last week on our way to Jerome, I noticed a restaurant when I was taking photos of the vintage red car parked at the old gas pumps.

We're not sure if Tod and Buz ate here on their adventure down Highway 89A, but we decided to have a burger at Bing's, the 50's style diner located inside the old gas station.

Love the old car that sits out in front at the gas pumps!

Craig saw the gas prices and ordered a full tank with our burgers, but they couldn't oblige. Remember Ethyl? Was that the highest premium grade of gas? I can just remember my dad telling the guy at the pump to fill it with Ethyl!

Inside Bing's, the decor was spotless and gleaming! So cool! Craig slid right up to the counter and ordered two burger baskets!

My stomach's growling just looking at this photo!

This mural shows the exterior of Bing's!

The walls inside are lined with old license plates.

Too bad we live two hours away from Bing's! Otherwise, we'd be making some nightly burger runs!


Ann said...

That looks delicious! We have a new place that opened in the area called "Jake's Wayback Burgers"--haven't tried it yet, but supposed to be very good. Love the decor of Bings!

drgeo said...

Your post makes me feel nostalgic. My first "car"was a small motorcycle that got 250 miles to the gallon. A gallon of gas cost 25 cents in 1965! Cruising on a tiny motorcycle was more satisfying than attaching baseball cards to the spokes of a bicycle for that rumbling motor sound. I'm so old.... Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, I can remember 25 cent gas in the 60's. My brother had an old Honda scooter and I used to ride it round and round in the yard because I was too young for a license. And yes, you little $#!#$, get off MY lawn! HA!

Ann, Craig and I also just figured out there's a Freddy's in our area. We got hooked on their burgers and custard on our Midwest roadtrip. I think our countdown is now at 11 days!

Kay said...

I remember Mark and Craig riding their tricycles around and around the McHughs' driveway in Dodge City, making VROOM, VROOM noises. We were the little $#!#$ rampaging down the dusty street and across the lawns in those days.

Life's a Beach! said...

Kay, too funny! He still makes vroom vroom noises in the car! Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Very cool place! That burger looks great!


Kay said...

Bigger vehicles, same little boys.