Monday, June 20, 2011

Away From the Beach

What does one do on a rainy Isla day? Spend way too much time burning up the newly acquired WiFi signal and downloading photos? Lie around reading a Stuart Woods' paperback -- Palindrome? Take a walk in the rain to the Mango Cafe and meet newbies pleading for a couple more days in the sun before they go home?

Craig and I love the rain. Our dry Phoenix skin is soaking up the humid air, but seriously, two days is enough!

Rain, rain, go away! It truly IS our time to play!


IslaZina said...

It'd like you live here: Stuart Woods in the rain with WiFi addiction! See you Wednesday.

drgeo said...

Wish I could see photos of Maria's dulces on sale! Is it too wet to hunt sea glass? Perhaps a stormy sea will deposit new treasures on the beach?

Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, see you Wednesday evening! Drgeo, I really do need to go into that shop sometime. I assume it's candy for the kids across the street at the primary school. When it stops spitting rain, we need to walk to our favorite seaglass place out south. I have found a few cool pieces, including a small brown bottle. I'll have to take a photo!

Linda said...

LOL!!! At first I thought the last 2 photos were 1, and was wondering where the house over the street was!!! LOL