Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All in a Day

A walk into El Centro along the airport strip.

Lunch at Qubano and some of Vivian's Hungarian Potatoes.

A walk out to our favorite seaglass beach and climb down the cliffs. I wonder how many more years my knees and back will put up with this haul.

Turtle tracks on the beach.

Queeee-so, Oa-xaca. Finally scored a photo of the Cheese Man!

A walk along Salina Grande to the bakery in La Gloria.

A stop at Emmanuel's in La Gloria for breakfast pastries.

A dip in the pool to cool off and sunset clouds from the rooftop.

Dinner at Mocambo and home by nine.

Almost forgot the nighttime cocktail of two ibuprofen. OMG -- my dogs and back were barkin'!


Kay said...

Yes, relaxing is soooo strenuous.

Ann said...

You are being much more ambitious than I! I've gone from the the room to the pool, out to exchange some money & back to the pool!

IslaZina said...

Tomorrow, before my pedicure at Mi Secreto, I think I'll stop at Qubano. Viv discribed a yucca pie last night at LoLo's, and I'll have to make sure my order is in along with being straight on which day! After the pedicure, you can fill is in on all the details at Donna's soiree!

Janet said...

Hi, from the one who vacated studio south. Looks like your having a wonderful time, and yum, eating at some of my favorites!! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Nancy said...

Sigh...I'm so jealous. It sounds like such a wonderful time. I miss Mexico so much.

Life's a Beach! said...

Kay, LOL! You are so right!

Ann, I wish I could get ambitious enough to go to the beach in town. Once we're out here, it's so easy to just sit at the pool. Maybe today!

Zina, see you at Donna's!

Janet, enjoyed meeting you and glad you commented! We met some party people out here before they left on Sunday. Tee hee!

Nancy, I keep thinking about your photos of Merida. Maybe we'll take a side trip when we're here in November/December. Wish you were here!

Linda said...

The fish looks yummy!!!

And thanks for showing us the best place for sea glass!!! LOL

Life's a Beach! said...

Linda, Craig descended someplace I wouldn't go today that's supposed to be fantastic. I'll let you know! I might add, I don't go down to the spot in the photo by myself. It could end up being one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up!" situations!