Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Any Port in a Storm

Craig joked today he wants a bumper sticker that says I Survived Arlene since the tropical wave that made the last 3 days of our Isla trip soggy has now become the first named storm of the year. I think he's still jealous that he missed out on my 2009 battle with Hurricane Ida at the Rocamar. Ha!

The tropical wave from our vantage point.

After spending too much time hanging out on the front porch at Luna Turquesa on Monday watching tourists getting drenched in golfcarts, we decided to taxi into town and eat.

We know from our experience last June that there's nothing more miserable than riding in a golfcart in drenching tropical rain.

Once we got to town, we decided to check out the flooding in the streets. Hidalgo didn't fare too well after a few days of drenching rains.

After wading around in the rain, we decided on lunch at Bally Hoo since they have the drop down tarps on the sides. Everything at Bally Hoo was soaked because the waves had sloshed up through the floorboards, but the staff was busy drying off all the tables and cushions and ready to serve food.

We decided to share the fish and chips and an order of guacamole for our last lunch on the island. It was all fantastic!

After lunch, we took advantage of the brief lull to walk around and do some shopping. I snapped some quick last day photos.

After a quick trip to the supermercado for more snacks, we managed to hail a taxi just before the downpour started again!

We arrived home late last night to discover that one of the two A/C units in our house is not working properly. It's a dry heat! I wish I had that rain to walk around in now. The first service call appointment we could get is Saturday morning. It's always an extreme heat wave (a high of 117 expected) when our A/C goes on the blink!


Chrissy y Keith said...

I am always so thankful to have 2 A/C machines. They seem to tag team breakdowns.

krisla said...

Thanks so much for all your fun and delicious photos. Makes me want to get more out there too. Maybe I'll see you next time, as I hope to be there in Dec, if not nov (after my Aug whale shark visit). take care..k

Ann said...

Sorry the last few days were least you got out shopping--I really didn't do any shopping except at Hortensias & Mirtitas.

Life's a Beach! said...

Chrissy, thank God for zoned A/C! Otherwise, we'd be in a hotel! Kris, hope to see you in November/December. We'll be staying out in La Gloria, so hopefully, we'll work in plenty of south end loop walks! Ann, the last 4 days were rainy, but we had plenty of sunny days in the 2 weeks. I bought a couple of little purses at the market that I use to hold my camera, sunglasses, cellphone, etc... when I walk. Craig bought some Corralejo tequila at the supermercado. Good seeing you again!

drgeo said...

While awaiting the AC repair guy you could:
Teach Saby to snorkel (Craig could be the whaleshark),
Go to a double feature in the afternoon,
See what's new at the museum,
Window shop at vintage stores (only if they have AC)
Whew! That should get you through the next 2 sultry days!

hogfamily said...

Thanks Beck for “taking us to Isla” with you. Loved the photos and reading your adventures. We are thinking of going next summer maybe we will see you then.

Janet said...

Love looking at all your pics, you really have a good eye and truly capture Isla.

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, Saby absolutely hates water and will not get in the pool. She fell in once and after skimming hair from the pool for hours, I'm so glad she's not a dog paddler! We stayed home today because we found a last minute guy to work on the A/C, but then we discovered we're still under warranty, so we still have to wait until Saturday. We will get out of here tomorrow!

Bill, hope to see you on Isla next year! We're going for a month in November/December, so we haven't even thought about 2012 yet.

Janet, thanks! I'm having a hard time remembering now what I've posted and what I haven't. I must get organized!