Monday, April 11, 2011

Weather Talk

We don't really get much weather in Arizona. Once in awhile, snow or a monsoon storm will make the national news and family will call to see if we're okay (LOL), but that's about it. Oops, forgot the tiny earthquake tremors that sloshed water in the pools a few years ago. The quake actually hit in Baja, but was felt by some here in the Valley. Since nothing much happens around here other than sun and heat, the local news makes a huge deal out of a little bit of rain and record-breaking temperatures. So this weekend was wild. Cue the snoore.

Friday was a palo verde snow day. The palo verdes are decked in little yellow blooms this time of year, and when the wind blows -- it snows!

Leading to piles like this that must be swept or blown from sidewalks. Actually, I think Friday's wind took care of blowing the mess away.

Friday's wind led to the next large weather event -- rain! I heard a weatherman describe it as a torrential downpour on the Saturday evening news. Not exactly! It was a steady rain that lasted from the wee morning hours until late afternoon on Saturday.

Sunday, we awoke to whooooosh, whooooooosh, whooooooosh . . . It suddenly dawned on me (dawn would be the time) that those hot-aired bastards were hovering over our house again. I threw on shorts and a t-shirt and ran out with the camera. They hid behind the palo verdes in the park behind us, laughing that they'd once again hauled the crazy lady with the camera out of bed. Cowards!

Seriously, shouldn't there be a curfew on these annoying orbs? Kind of like the pool at the hotel. No ballooning before 7 a.m.!


drgeo said...

Is that Craig's next surprise trip? Up up and away in my beautiful balloon?

Anonymous said...

Very cool! But before 7:00 a.m. would be a bit much. Trying to beat the heat of the day I guess.


Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, no balloons! He seems to be fixated on his mountain bike for now. Jeanne, they seem to launch early morning no matter what the season. I think they like our area because there's plenty of open space where they can set up, launch, and land. And there are mountains to the southeast of us, so it's scenic.

Anonymous said...

Balooners go up early because that is when the air currents are at their calmest. Very late afternoon is another time you may see them launch.

Snorkel Goddess