Friday, April 22, 2011

The Quick Scottsdale Antique Tour

A few weeks ago on our Friday Funday, we visited a couple of antique malls in Scottsdale after our lunch at the other Mango. Craig had been holding out on me about these two shops for the past few years. I guess it was a secret! They were just up the road from his workplace and he never mentioned them!

As we passed ASU Skysong (that's the funny looking building above with the sails), I threatened to drop Craig off so he could catch up on work, but he declined. I guess he'd rather be antiquing with me. The antique malls were just kitty-cornered on Scottsdale Road.

Here's a few highlights. These old fridge containers are hot items now. Wonder if we should start saving milk cartons?

Internet trolls?

Root beer sofa.

Barbie and Ken locked in a lurid embrace on their tiki sofa.

Another strange item and I don't even want to know. Hopefully the pale pink elephant head was some kind of fake prop.

Gorgeous collection of old majolica.

Fancy kiddie car/plane.

Antique wooden Mexican box for mail.

I always wanted a poodle skirt!


Ann said...

So many great things! I don't think most antique shops around here have so much fun stuff! And there are alot of shops to peruse!
Happy Easter to you & Craig!

Roadfood junkie said...

I read somewhere that antique's are becoming a item of the past...No pun intended.

The younger generation does not have roots to enjoy the past.They are into modern.I still have fond memories of my past.

Roadfood junkie said...

Damn! I have to get rid of that Roadfood junkie handle.Doug (Doogan)

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, Scottsdale was a more upscale experience. Lots of big ticket items, and the small items are pricey. But I have to tell you, a friend and I had a blast antiquing in Maine, and my aunt and I covered Vermont and parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Connecticut antiques were pricey. The farther north you go, the better the prices. Ya gotta get away from the city folk. HA!

Doug, so great to hear from you! Hope you're doing well. And I know what you mean about the younger generation being into modern. I've warned my son not to sell my stuff at a garage sale!

lingerie said...

I just love junk shops full of interesting things to find.Ive bought many fine things from these shops.

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Isla Deb said...

Root beer sofa...haha! You'd definitely need a specific decor for that! Happy Easter, Beck!

Jana said...

I love the root beer sofa! As a plus, it looks like you could wipe it clean with a dishrag. LOL. The Ken and Barbie pic was hysterical. Oh, when will Ken realize that he and Barbie are really on the same team? The elephant head scared me. I'm with you...don't wanna know. Wonder what other secrets Craig has been keeping from you? Tickets to Isla tucked under the mattress? LOL