Monday, April 18, 2011

Pot Centro

Tubac is Pot Centro. And no, I'm not referring to Mexican drug smugglers in the Arizona desert. Tubac's always been a great place to shop for pots, and even more so now that a lot of people are reluctant to cross into Mexican border towns. While Nogales isn't Tiajuana or Juarez, that fact seems to have led to an upward trend in pot prices in Tubac because people aren't driving down to Nogales in droves to shop. I wasn't in the market to buy this trip, but it's always fun to window shop!

La Paloma is my favorite pot shop in Tubac.

I think I'll pass on pot rustling.

Here kitty kitty kitty!

Geometric designs seem to be very in right now. Notice the pots on the roof. Roof pots!

The wall of talavera. I love the light covers!

More geometrics. I almost bought one of the blue and white to go with a blue and white talavera pot in my hallway. I'm now regretting the almost part.

Pot wagon, but the kind that won't land you in the paddy wagon!

Love the traditional blue and white Mexican talavera pots!

Actually, I'd take any of them!

Should this be Craig's next project? A giant pot windchime for the backyard?


jeanie said...

Gorgeous Beck! I really love the multi-colored geometric. They would look great on my deck.

Ann said...

Drooling over all the Talavera! I have a small collection & am always looking to add--wish this was a little closer!
The pot windchime is neat!

drgeo said...

You were so wise to resist the pots! If you bought lots more, you would fill them with plants and then you could not leave them without water-- and could never again visit Isla! Whew! That was a close one!!

Jana said...

Those are beautiful. I really want a talavera sink. I have also seen talavera toilets. They're amazing! But then I'd have to show it to everyone who came over to my house. LOL

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana, I must admit, I didn't see any talavera toilets! And that would take some explaining to guests. I don't even think I've seen one of those in Mexico! Which gives me an idea for a post. HA! I did see talavera sinks in lots of the shops!

drgeo, we already have that problem, and my neighbor who always watered pots for me has moved. So I'm planting fewer flowers in pots!

Ann and Jeanie, I managed to resist, but now I've realized the geometric blue and white would have been perfect in my family room. We're getting ready to take a long road trip to Kansas in a few weeks, so maybe we'll see some cool stuff in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I would go absolutely nuts there! They are SO beautiful!!! Love the pots - all of them.

You can always go back and get your blue and white pot! Do it!