Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hats! The Hats!

I'm just too busy to post this morning because I'm watching the rerun of Will and Cate's wedding on the BBC. I figured I'd might as well go for the gusto and watch the pomp with British commentators. (Not to mention the BBC makes it possible to catch the repeat in its entirety without having to stay up all night!)

I'm hoping that Archbishop gets groomed for the wedding. In his pre-interview, he looked alarmingly disheveled with white hair sticking out everywhere! Then there's Boris, the Mayor of London, with his blonde Beatle mop of hair. He's definitely more of a personality compared to the more staid but quite dashing Prime Minister.

The hats, the hats! How in the hell are some of those satellite dishes anchored to their heads? Victoria Beckham with her tightly drawn brunette ponytail seems to have a large ornamental hat pin screwed into her brain to anchor that silly thing on her forehead. Maybe that's why she looks so funereal and painfully pinched? Wonder what the photographic bounty for a smiling photo of Posh would be? But I guess it's so vogue to never smile. : (

Wish they'd speed this thing up because I need to start getting organized and packing. We're leaving tomorrow on a cross-country roadtrip!

Oops. There's Wills! Must go! : )


drgeo said...

How do they keep those hats on their heads?

If it were my family the answer would be "duct tape". But I'm guessing they just use a straight hat pin, and endure any pain with a stiff upper lip.

ROAD TRIP! Oh boy, don't forget your camera.

Jana said...

Hat? What hat? Oh...sorry, I was distracted by pretty Mr. Beckham.

Random thought - I think we discussed this. I saw a description of that sea glass beach in Northern Calif and it said that you can't take the sea glass from the beach, like you thought. I can NEVER GO THERE!!! It would be torture.

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana, I saw similar signs on almost every beach we walked in California. For God's sake! Seaglass is washed rubbish! I guess I can understand it on the one Northern California beach since it's famous for that. A woman from California on one of those seaglass boards contacted me after my comments about the lack thereof to tell me I should have contacted her and she would have personally taken me to her seaglass spots. LOL. People hold back the info, kind of like we do when we find a hotspot on Isla. And yes, Mr. Beckham is extremely handsome, and I've actually seen him smile!!!

drgeo, camera is charged and all the equipment will be packed. Photos make the best souvenirs.

Life's a Beach! said...

Oops. I'm watching another replay of the wedding and I just saw Mrs. Beckman give a slight twitch at the mouth, so she does actually have a smile.

krisla said...

darn. wished I'd thought of watching the BBC channel. would've been much more entertaining than the twits from our drab networks.
agree on the hats :)