Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Umbrella Awaits!

Our umbrella awaits!

Last week I booked our flights to Isla for June. We'll be escaping the Phoenix heat for two weeks. And yes, Phoenix weather does feel much worse than Isla's summer humidity in June! I was very worried about our first summer trip to Isla last June, but no fear. No problema!

I was on a roll after booking June flights and decided to be proactive and score a free award ticket to Isla in November. We always wait too late and those free flights are gone! Anyway, I succeeded and we'll be spending a month on Isla from mid-November through mid-December. We're very excited about that! The last time we were able to spend a month on the island was April 2006.

On today's morning walk, Craig and I started a list of the most memorable moments from our travels last year.

Craig's swim with the whalesharks in July. The rough ride in the panga water taxi to Yelapa. Dolphins racing alongside the boat on Craig's fishing trip out of Yelapa. Watching whales breach from the Point in Yelapa. Swarms of manta rays leaping out of the Caribe last July on Isla Mujeres. Walking the quiet narrow cobblestone streets of San Sebastion del Oeste. Witnessing a woman walking with a bowl of fruit on her head in Yelapa village. Bats fluttering by under the palapa at Villa La Joya. The clip clop of horse hooves and getting lost on the paths in Yelapa. Meeting Isabel and Gregoria in their ancestral home in San Sebastion. Living the high life in the Bucerias penthouse.

Those are just a few rambling highlights. Hopefully those will be just the beginning of many more moments to come in 2011!

I'm ready to go!


jeanie said...

I must go to your archives a re-read the post about those lovely sisters whose home you toured. I love that story!

Ann said...

So many great memories! Looking forward to seeing you again ( for more than 5 minutes!) in June!

drgeo said...

Just noticed your full disclosure for your bear story . I wonder if we are distantly related? I had an Aunt Myrtle too! She lived in Pennsylvania. How many could there be?

Anonymous said...

That's fantasatic - lucky you! You have some fantastic travels ahead of you!


Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanie, it's somewhere back there in a San Sebastion post in December or January. It really was special being in their 400 year old home and meeting them. Ann, we are SO looking forward to it! I'm sure the weather will be warmer and we can hang out. drgeo, we must be related by Myrtles, but I think mine was from Galena, Kansas? That's a name that fell by the wayside! Whatever Happened to Myrtle? would make a good book title. Jeanne, we can't wait to get on the road. In May, we're taking a roadtrip to visit my mom, so the wait for Isla should pass by quickly!

Anonymous said...

Great list!!!

Snorkel Goddess