Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Once Again . . .

As I've said before, we truly ARE creatures of habit. We find a restaurant we like and we beat it to death! We decided to run by Famous Dave's for Sunday lunch. We were hungry after all that yardwork! We were also eager to try their famous lunch specials. I'd recently noticed they have lunch and early bird specials for $6.99, as opposed to the big bucks (just teasing) you pay in the evening. The portions are also smaller, and believe me, that is something I need right now!

Craig started with an order of barbequed wings because he had a free coupon that was burning a hole in his pocket. Those went home with us to eat while we watched the Suns beat the Lakers!

We both chose the BBQ lunch baskets with two meats. I ordered the barbequed chicken and catfish fingers along with the garlic mashed red potatoes that are seriously to die for! In addition, as if that wouldn't fill a person up, the lunch included corn on the cob and a honey cornbread muffin.

Craig, true to form, chose the catfish fingers and BBQ ribs!

This cute cabinet full of antiques was right above our table.

We really need to stop eating here because the food's too good. When it's that good, it has to be terrible for you!


Jamqueen said...

I should never have read this before I ate lunch..now I'm wishing I had BBQ ! Looks delicious!

Moongrl722 said...

That looks yummy, especially the catfish. My Grandmother used to fry catfish that my Grandfather caught...oh, so wonderful!!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana, my grandmother did the same with my grandfather's catfish. Jana's Taco Soup for dinner tonight!