Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Project

Craig's like Goldilocks. His chair has to be just right. Recently, we realized that his favorite chair in the family room had died. We almost bought a matching chair and ottoman at a local furniture store, but the owner's stinginess with his pillows nixed the deal.

After deciding we didn't really want that expensive chair and ottoman, I finally realized that I had a leather chair in the den that sees no action. Craig was out of town, so I decided to do some furniture moving by myself. My back's still hurting! I'm not a fan of matchy matchy decorating, so I decided it'd be perfect to just have a slipcover made for the existing ottoman to make the chair comfortable for Craig and help tie the leather chair to the existing leather and sage green sofas in the room.

I noticed JoAnn was having a sale on upholstery fabrics, so I headed there yesterday to see what I could find.

I like this tapestry. I may use some of that for a coffee table or dining table runner.

I immediately noticed this fabric. It pulls the chocolate colors of the leather and green from the other sofa.

I think this is a faux leather fabric, but I love the basket weave look. I may need to make a pillow or mat out of this!

I also found this leaf-patterned fabric. It also pulls the green and chocolate colors from the two sofas.

Decisions, decisions. Craig and I both like this stripe/tweedy looking fabric. Now I just need to find someone to make the slipcover and get an estimate on how much fabric to buy. I'll definitely buy some extra so I can make a couple of pillows for the older leather sofa.

When it's all done, I'm curious to see how much money I'll have saved. And I'll owe it all to the silly man who lost a sale because he got stingy with his pillows. He gave me the extra time to realize I could make do with what I had!


MD in Texas said...

I LOVE that tweedy looking fabric!!

So, does Craig have airfare yet? :)


Sue said...

Maybe you can help me reupholster my couch down here? I'm looking at denim fabric.

I like the fabric you chose and will be interested to see how it looks when done. I bet it will be expensive, possibly more than a new chair, but if the chair is well-built, it's probably worth it.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, that fabric is only $30 a yard, and it's 40% off right now (so $18 a yard). In addition, I've got one of those 20% off coupons, so the fabric probably won't be more than $70 tops. I'm just slipcovering the ottoman and leaving the leather chair there. I'll be curious to see how much the guy charges to make the ottoman slipcover. I'll probably make the pillows myself. I had a blueberry colored denim sofa once and loved it!

MD, I'm still waiting on Craig's ticket. Fares are still running over $700, double what we paid last time. I'll watch it one more week to see if they start a new sale. But Craig will be there! By the way, I'm spending my first three nights in a standard room at Ixchel I. I love those beach chairs and umbrellas!