Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blooms and Ducks

We've got lots of work to do this weekend! It's time to hack back the tropical jungle in the backyard, but before I get busy, here are some shots from the neighborhood. The purple and gold blooms are gorgeous right now!

The palo verdes are loaded with yellow blooms.

And my favorite jackarandas are gorgeous right now!

Meanwhile, Mama Duck is doing a fantastic job. Her eight babies have all survived!

In contrast, Taffy and Daffy, the silly white domestic ducks, continue their clueless ways. Taffy lays her eggs right on the edge of the lake, where they either roll into the water or get crushed and eaten by predators. Every few days, a new crop appears. And Daffy can still be seen lusting after a certain mallard hen, chasing her round and round the lake. The possibility of little white ducklings is nill.


Sue said...

Maybe those white ducks don't really want kids!

Jane said...

LOL, Sue ... or maybe the white duck's kids want to leave the nest before they're hatched.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue and Jane, those white ducks shouldn't HAVE kids! HA! They really are dumb ducks!