Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

We vowed to get up earlier for our morning walk and treasure hunt on Thursday because it's almost too hot and humid for us by 8 a.m. We woke up early to the sounds of a thundering downpour, but it passed quickly. I was too lazy this morning to get dressed and take a photo off the back of the building to the east, but here's the sunrise reflected in the clouds to the north.

We were out of the building and headed down Medina by 7 a.m. Craig posed with the nude lady at the behemoth's beach restaurant. The sculpture is so Mayan, isn't it? I guess it was too early for her to be holding the ball.

Everything looks fresh after the latest squall!

About halfway down Medina, my camera started having a tropical tantrum. When I try to use the zoom, it zooms all the way out and then shuts down. And sometimes, when I turn the camera on, it immediately zooms out and shuts off. Dang it!!! If only I'd brought a backup. I'd already replaced the batteries yesterday, but I tried that again. I managed to get it to work intermittently by removing the batteries, wiping the connections, and putting them back in. I'm fairly certain it has to do with the high humidity, but I can't have a camera that won't take photos on Isla! I think the camera will be returned when I get home!

Craig pointed out that there's something inherently wrong with this compass marker in the sidewalk. The north symbol is pointing towards the west?

We headed past the Navy base and turned onto the malecon. This must be the dog that likes treats, but I had no idea he stuck his head through the star to get them!

I've been so sore and I can't figure out why. It hit me when I took this photo of Craig. Duhhhh! I've been squatting, bending down, looking down, doing lunges, etc.... But it's been worth it. Look at this morning's bootie. I was so excited to find so many different colors, including all the blues and a lavendar piece!

At this rate, I'm going to need volunteers to help me transport it home!

After spending some time in the condo with me trying to troubleshoot my camera problems online, I was able to take this photo of the umbrellas at the Sunset Grill.

We then headed down to the Avalon cove to try some snorkeling. I never donned my mask, but Craig said he saw some yellow striped fish by the rocks on the Avalon side, but it was rough getting over there. We spent another hour in front of Ixchel swimming and snorkeling, then checked out the Sunset Grill's prices for lunch. Their special is 15% off their regular prices, but I thought the regular prices were a little high! 150 pesos for shrimp tacos? Mocambo's shrimp tacos are 55 pesos and they are great! So we headed down to Picus for lunch where 3 seafood tacos are 50 pesos. We had a great time watching the fishermen bring in their catch and fold up the nets.

I tried to talk Craig into sticking his head into the menu board at Poc Chuc, but he wouldn't go for it!

Picus served complimentary fish soup when we sat down. No offense, but I don't like any form of fish or seafood in soup, so I let Craig have both little bowls.

I ordered a shrimp cocktail and it was very good!

Craig scarfed down his seafood tacos so fast, I could only photograph the plate with one left.

Down the street, we saw Ricardo at Mocambo's and apologized for not eating there three days in a row. But we'll be back! We headed on to the Navy base to pick up some Halloween candy and a large bottle of tequila for Michael. They had the big blue bottle of Corralejo that he likes for less than 190 pesos. That's a deal!

Back at the room, we relaxed for an hour and then watched the sunset. Another day in paradise!


Jamqueen said...

Another wonderful report--glad you're enjoying your time on Isla!

Bennie said...

What a wonderful day. Except he camera issue.

IslaZina said...

Wow, you guys are packing a lot of action into this trip! How about a happy hour break today? I need to pick up some lobster at Miguel's. How does 5 or 6pm happy hour sound to you?

Andrea Healey said...

Wow Beck - that photo of the sunrise reflected in the clouds is amazingly gorgeous!

Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, that would be great! It will probably be more towards 6 p.m. because I think we're going to take a late afternoon swim today! See you there!

jeanie said...

Love your treasures! Darling Saby would gladly have put her head in the menu board at Poc Chuc just sayin'

Isla Deb said...

Beck, the sunrise photo is great! As far as the ball-holding lady on the beach...I wish someone would steal the whole damn thing. And the shrimp cocktail from Picus?? Oh, favorite.

Nancy said...

Your photos give me a stomach ache...the kind that comes from wanting to be there so bad I feel sick! Seriously, your trip sounds fabulous and the pics are beautiful. BTW, I volunteer to come help transport all that glass back home.