Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few Friday Thoughts

As always, I'm going to be running around today like the proverbial chicken with head cut off. Library, bank, pedicure salon, Walmart for last minute sundries, Costco for backpack, etc.... All the best laid plans to get this stuff done in advance went out the window!

Craig, who was going to pack Tuesday night (ha ha), will have to start on that when he gets home from work.

And Michael's headed to a golf tournament up in North Scottsdale to spend the day. But he's well-versed on caretaking his sister and the house, so I don't have to worry about that. I'm starting to feel like we've passed the torch to our son. I turned my back, and when I turned back around the next time, he was all grown up and smarter about life than I am! It's a very nice feeling, but a little weird. Now he tells me that I need to drink more water, take the Emergency C vitamin packs, and eat breakfast to jump start my metabolism. And a lot of it falls on deaf ears. I'm getting even with him for all the times I harped at him and it went in one ear and out the other. It's my turn to frustrate him! Ha!

Last night, I was heating up a plate in the microwave of wonderful pasta with basil/tomato sauce left over from my Italian birthday meal. I even had the leftover Italian bread to soak up that garlicky red sauce. But, as Michael pointed out, I forgot to use a potholder to grab that plate from the microwave. It was hot, I jerked, and then I spent 45 minutes cleaning up the chunks of broken pottery and red sauce/noodles from the tile floor. I'll be cleaning the sauce out of the grout forever! When Michael came from the back of the house to see what the crash and string of expletives were all about, I did have to tell him to get some shoes on before he waded into the mess. So that made me feel better. : )

In some ways, the parent/son roles have even been reversed. He's the one who showers us with his job perks, supplying us with great shoes, free golf for Craig, and even talking about a possible Thanksgiving weekend trip to Palm Springs brought to us courtesy of his VIP Hilton Honors status. Like most parents, I thought the day would never come! Our ship has come in! And he's even giving us a ride to the airport Saturday morning! All that and a bag of chips!

Last but not least, when I was out walking Saby this morning, I saw a workman lying on the sidewalk sporting the Isla man bikini look. Shirt pulled up over bulging stomach. Then I saw another squatting down by his truck sporting the All-American male plumber look. Three inches of butt crack hanging out the back. HA!

Aren't you glad I'm leaving you with that visual?

I'm off to run errands! One more sleep! Life is good!


jeanie said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope you visit Sue your last week and take pix of her crazy animals.

Life's a Beach! said...

Good idea Jeanie! : )

Bennie said...

Have a Great Trip! Your son sounds like a wonderful child. Enjoy it!