Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dang It!

I think I caught Sue's computer woes. Actually, it's the same problem I had 18 months ago when I mailed my laptop off to HP and they fixed it by installing a new mother board (at least I think that was the lingo). The repair was free because it was a recall defect and I just happened to remember the e-mail about it, but the fix was only guaranteed for 90 days or something ridiculous like that.

Anyway, when I let my laptop go to sleep, it won't wake up! I can't restart it -- it's just dead on arrival. After that happened today, I decided to clean it up with a soft cloth. Sure enough, rubbing on it revived it -- just like CPR. Now that's technical! But I know from my experience last time that it's not long for this world. So I'll back up my photo files tonight just in case!

Depending on the cost of repair, I may just chuck it and start over, but I think I'll avoid HP. I don't trust them now. I noticed a smaller Dell at Costco that peaked my interest. Smaller would be better because this HP has been a beast when I have to lug it anywhere. I've thought about a netbook, but noticed many of those don't have the DVD-RW, and that's important to me. And whatever I buy will be my primary computer.

I'll keep you posted. If I suddenly disappear for a few days, you'll know the beast died.


Isla Deb said...

Good luck! I remember when I had computer problems about a year ago and had to live without it for almost a week. Makes you realize how much you depend on a computer these days!

Bennie said...

Oh Beck I'm sorry to hear about the computer. I hate when these things happen. I have never had good luck with HP computers. They have great printers though.

I want one of those Netbooks too but not as a primary computer.

Jamqueen said...

Good Luck--the Acer I bought at Costco has a external drive that came with the package I got--it's great!

Sue said...

You have my sympathies - I understand completely. Just need to tell you - all my laptops have been Dell. I think they all have their issues, you need to go with the company that gives the best service because they are going to break.

I bought Miguel a netbook for Christmas - can't wait to give it to him, he's been dealing with a slug of an old laptop and won't know what hit him.

Nancy said...

I'm not familiar with your specific laptop, but isn't there a power management setting for that? Mine is under my screensaver properties/power management.