Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playa Norte Webcam

You know how some people on message boards are always clamoring for the installation of a webcam on Isla? Well here I am -- the new webcam. I've been taking my job seriously, trying to make sure I don't miss anything!

Car ferry passing early morning!

Looking west Wednesday morning, the vendors have all the chairs lined up!

Snorkeling boat stuck on Playa Norte Tuesday mid-day. Paco (orange shorts/yellow shirt) and friends try to dislodge it. I particularly liked watching this one because he used to harass me endlessly on Hidalgo. (I hold a grudge -- ha!)

Sunset Tuesday night, Playa Norte.

Sunset Grill, open for business!

All the beach concessions in front of Ixchel ready to go!

Look closely! Actual Tarzan sighting! Cue the Tarzan yell!

Number of daytrippers increasing!

Beach party with couple dancing to mariachis Wednesday evening.

Looking back down Hidalgo at sunset on Wednesday.

Sunset Wednesday evening.

Wednesday shortly after sunset, Craig yelled at me from the balcony to come out and look. He thought there was a fire down in the area behind Nautibeach. Notice the smoke. We suddenly realized they were fumigating on a large scale basis. LOL Probably DDT! We got inside quickly.

Just call me Mrs. Kravitz -- your eye in the sky! : )


jeanie said...

I was expecting a PA boat full of drunk naked people!

Jamqueen said...

Great Photos! I am so enjoying your reports!

Vee said...

Colorful sunset last night! Thanks for keeping us updated, Beck.

MD in Texas said...

I am so loving all the pictures....and you have me drooling over Mocambo. We discovered it on our very last meal in July and wished we had time for more. That fish is definitely on my list for our November trip!!!

Moongrl722 said...

Really difficult to get off that balcony, isn't it?!!? Ahhhh. The colors in your pics are gorgeous. The sea, the it!

Bennie said...

Well Mrs. Kravitz I think you are doing a fine job as the new Web Cam.

Watch that DDT.