Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Monday

The song should go -- Monday Monday, bizarro day. Monday, we saw a few strange things. While sitting on Playa Norte Monday morning, we saw schools of fish flying out of the water. Craig explained they do that to escape predators. Earlier out in the water, he'd sworn he saw a huge fish -- so that must have been the predator! We've seen rays flying in and out of the water off Cabo, but this was a first on Playa Norte for me.

Craig came in off the balcony in the afternoon and said most of the people on the Albatross anchored off Playa Norte were buck-ass naked. Of course, I had to get the binoculars immediately! Sure enough -- buck-ass naked! The crew of the boat were up on the front looking away from the exhibitionists. I guess it was a nude cruise in addition to being a booze cruise! What's that Jimmy Buffet song? Why don't we get drunk and . . . . Later, they attached people to a parachute and were swinging them off the back of the boat. I grabbed the binoculars again, but this time Donnie Dangler had donned his swimsuit!

Later at Bally Hoo for fish and chips, we ended up with great breezy seats for the Cuban/Caribbean concert taking place over by La Tigrena. And the fish and chips were very tasty!

We saw more people on the beach Monday, so I think traffic is picking up a bit! And there were daytrippers on Medina. Good news! Here are some of my favorite Isla watercolors from our Monday.

Entrance to Playa Norte by Ixchel

El Centro at Sunrise

Oleander on Juarez.

Orange and white umbrellas.

Another scene from the mercado mural.

Mercado wall.

Yellow boat.

Isla clothesline.

Chi Chi's sign.


Jamqueen said...

Sounds like you're having an interesting time! Love the photos, esp. the Isla clothesline.

IslaZina said...

My phone numbers are 888 0674 and 044 998 126 0281! Call me~please!

jeanie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I'd love to see inside the condo!

Chrissy y Keith said...

people are weird. They will do outragious stuff when they travel that they would never do at home. Besides the fact that public nudity is illegal in Mexico, who wants to see some pasty gringos bits and pieces?

Sue said...

Love the clothesline photo - it's a keeper! My gosh - I live here and have never seen half the stuff you've mentioned in just your two days here! (and glad the danglers got covered before they let him fly in the sky!)

Vee said...

What an adventure you're having already, Beck. Thanks for sharing with us!

Moongrl722 said...

Thanks, Beck -- For posting the beautiful Isla pics for me to look at as I sit in my office at lunch and for NOT posting any naked people pics. You can just email those to me. KIDDING!!!!!

Bennie said...

Wow, leave it to you to see the nudists there. I'd have had to laugh over that one. Wow you seem to be having a great vacation.