Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Saturday Scribbles

I saw some funny (?) cartoons on the economy that I thought I'd post today. I just heard Friday on CNN that the U.S. government still worries we may be headed towards recession. Huh what?!!! I kind of assumed we were IN a recession and they were worried about a depression! At one point Friday, they said the stock market was down 50% from where it was one year ago.

You KNOW it's bad when some of the screaming heads on the financial networks are actually telling people to get their money out of the market. How the tune has changed! I actually heard that from Kramer (the yeller). I recently read a magazine article that said frugality is becoming the new 'cool' thing. Good to know in our current state of penny-pinching that we could end up 'cool.' Friends just told me that they put their current 401K stats into the retirement calculator and they now can retire at age 82? Two months ago they were slated for a normal retirement at age 66. And who will LET them work until age 82? Since most corporations start discarding people in their 50's for younger cheaper replacements, I guess Baby Boomers will either be self-employed or manning the door at Walmart. Repeat after me -- '"My, that's a purty baby!"

Anyway, here's some of the (not so) funny economic cartoons from October.

Okay, enough gloom and doom. On a lighter note, here's a slightly vile juvenile tune from the singing kitties. We're having friends over for dinner tonight, but I don't think we'll serve fish. :)

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Isla Deb said...

Love the Fishy Song...too funny!