Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friends just like family!

When we lived in the Northwest, we were far from home. Distance, jobs, and time constraints kept us from seeing our real families on a frequent basis. So we ended up with a tight knit group of friends that we considered to be family. We all basically lived in the same area. If real family wasn't available, we would spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day -- any or all of these with friends. An occasional weekend trip, summer evenings picnicking at the lake, walks through the neighborhood, birthday parties, and a host of other occasions were just some of the times spent together. And what a support group through job loss, surgeries, sickness, death, and all the other junk in life! And boy do I miss them now! We had some crazy good times -- some nutty stuff that's not printable on the internet. One couple now lives fifteen minutes from us, so we still have 'family' close. Hey Rick and Gwennie! One of my best friends from childhood also just moved in four doors down. Hey Jenny and Bob! And another couple's moving to the Phoenix area at the end of this year. Hurry up Gloria and Dennis!

Anyway, we all need to get together soon to create some more memories! :) Maybe we'll come see another one of those Davis girls get married!

P.S. This is really a test to see if any of you ever look at this blog! HA! (But I mean every word of it!)

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Jenny said...

I read it every day, Yecky!

We enjoyed meeting Rick and Gwen and we are looking forward to meeting Gloria and Dennis!