Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodbye to the Grand Canyon

After our hike on Friday, we spent a little time at the hotel cleaning up. We were really dusty. Late in the afternoon, we decided to visit the rest of the Grand Canyon viewpoints in the park that we had missed. The skies were a little cloudy and it was misting. We decided to drive twenty miles east to the Tusayan Museum because we'd never been there. It had some interesting Indian displays on the different tribes and a walk through some Indian ruins.

I really like this sign. I'd definitely TRY to not harm the snakes. My goal would be avoidance! But I wouldn't rule out beating one to death with my backpack if it was him or me! After looking at the Indian ruins, we headed west to look at some of the viewpoints we'd missed.

We once again marveled over the views and were so glad we decided to make this last trip into the park. This view shows a stretch of rapids on the Colorado. That river trip is still on my Bucket List!

And this view shows the Colorado River as it meanders into the canyon.

This is the Grand View! And here are a few other favorite photos from the trip.

And one last amazing view! (Above, not below!)

On a lighter note, here's a photo of a species observed more than several times at the various viewpoints in the park. I'll term it the horse's ass. One of its repeated slogans was "What is this, the god-damned United Nations or something?" It was usually stated loudly and right in front of the offending 'foreigners.' I'm laughing here. Americans want to visit other countries and be treated well, but we get offended when world travelers spend their money to come to the U.S. and view one of the world's great wonders? Oh well.

After we were sufficiently overwhelmed with the scenery, we headed out of the park back to Tusayan to have some dinner. There was a new Mexican restaurant having a grand opening. This bandito was guarding the door. Pretty cool! The food was fairly good too.

Our only regret from the trip was not doing more hiking. So I guess we'll need to plan another trip!


jeanie said...

Thanks Beck! I re-read the other posts as well so I can officially check off The Grand Canyon as 'places I've visited'. PS love Tracy Chapman.

Charmingdesigns said...

Such beauty!! Laurie