Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dazed and Confused

I'm wondering if anyone else feels 'dazed and confused' after they've spent a length of time in Mexico (or any foreign culture) and then returned home? Or is it just me?

After my last trip to Isla Mujeres in May, I logically knew THIS was my backyard

But I kept waking up in the morning thinking THIS was just beyond the wall.

I woke up the morning after I got home thinking how wonderful it was that the ocean was right in my backyard, but I was a little concerned about whether it would eventually erode my house?

My most classic 'dazed and confused' moment came after a month long stay on Isla in 2006. The day after arriving home, we decided to make a run to the Costco in Issaquah since we were low on supplies. Once in the store, I realized I needed to hit the john. So I told my husband to take the cart and I'd meet him. I scurried off to relieve the bladder. Once I entered the hallway where the bathrooms were, I just remember looking at the two doors and being totally confused. No Damas and Caballeros? I looked again at the stick figures and they were making no sense whatsoever. Hmmmm. I decided on the door to my right. Once in the stall, I heard some growling noises from the person next door and decided to make it quick! Looking down, I remember thinking what UGLY shoes that woman has on! Must be a man-woman! I quickly did my business and scrambled over to wash my hands. Suddenly, an Asian man crossed my line of vision in the mirror. What the hell? Finally, that small projector bulb in my brain turned on! Oh my God! As I scurried towards the door with my wet hands, I saw the urinals on a wall behind the door. And a man was standing there looking at me in the mirror. I threw on my sunglasses and ran to find my husband in the store, hoping not to be recognized by any of the offended males. LOL

After other visits to Mexico, I've dreamed Spanish in my sleep for several nights after getting back home (and I really don't SPEAK Spanish). And then there's the look you get when you're constantly saying 'Gracias' to people back in the U.S.! (Especially the Hispanic U.S. Custom's employee at DFW!)

Is it just me???


IslaZina said...

That's why I find it easier to just stay here! Trip to Ohio was filled with "sea on the other side" moments. And things are too organized. You need to go back to the island, actually any island, to regain your footing.
Truly, I was amazed at my low level of functioning on US soil. Maybe I always belonged here.

Sue said...

Haha - I can so relate. I have said "Si" and "Gracias" more times than I can remember - it's automatic. And several times I've found myself in the men's room too - usually just blindly following someone off a plane and they detour into the bathroom and I just keep following. But I've also caught men doing the same. So, it's contagious!

I agree with Zina - it's just easier to stay here.

Beck said...

Sue and Zina, I WISH I could just stay on Isla! I do think I'm meant to be in a tropical ocean climate! Maybe one of these days!

couzin frank said...

HA!HA!HA!...I can just see you and I know what you mean.I'm still answering "Si" & "Gracis" too almost everyday. Dreaming in Spanish...Hmmm! not yet.Hope to see you soon on the island.