Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hola! We're Here!

At the Grand Canyon! We decided to take a short trip to someplace with cool crispy air. Ahhhh. It's been eight years since we visited in the summer of 2000! Here are some photos from that trip.

It's shocking to me how much younger we looked! Yikes!

I found an IMAX trailer titled "Grand Canyon: River at Risk" on YouTube. We'll be on the rim or slightly below taking some hikes -- not on the river! Running the river would definitely be on my Bucket List, but those trips have to be booked way in advance. Maybe someday? I'll have some new photos to show when I get home. See ya' in a few days!


Islaholic Trixie said...

I too could run the river, but you wouldn't catch me in a helicopter over the canyon!!

mrsdrumdude said...

Beck, I went to the Grand Canyon in the late 80s. I loved Flagstaff and had a great time in that area. And I looked (and was) way, way younger then. Thanks for the memories.


couzin frank said...

How about a helicopter ride over
the canyon? It's a beautiful place have fun and take alot of pics.

Beck said...

No helicopters! Not my thing! Only if I'm strapped to a stretcher and that's a bad thought! Ha! I've got the pictures now -- way too many! And they all kind of look alike! I'll be posting them soon.