Thursday, May 2, 2013

Isla Rides 2013, Part Uno

It's an island and it's Mexico, so Isla has an odd conglomeration of tricked out rides.  Craig and I try to get around the island on foot or in cabs, but people who live here figure out better ways to get from Playa Norte to Punta Sur.

Sometimes we do rent a golfcart, but I hate renting something I can't insure.  And motos?  Forgeda 'bout it.  I have a hard enough time walking upright on the island without hurting myself.  Splat!

Here's round one of Isla Rides 2013.

Here's a hint on the owner of this one.  His home floats.

This man who lives on Juarez makes his living selling coconuts.  Cocos!  How many?

Isla's version of The Scooter Store.  Actually, I'm guessing this is a moto repair shop.

My favorite ride on Isla would be the pink Chevy.  I'm not a pink person, but I want one!

Isla has a topless beach, and you sometimes see topless carts.  That'd be a hot ride!

Eat your heart out Tom Selleck!

Popcorn man (sorry I don't know his real name) has a trike to get around El Centro.  I also noticed on this last trip that he doesn't have to make the long ride to town from the colonias.  Someone drops him and the trike off on Juarez.

These people have a cart to match the paint and trim on their casa!  Pretty cool!  I'm not sure the cat loved me stopping to take a photo of his ride.

Isla's yellow cab.  Actually, I think it's now someone's sleek ride.  (Notice the racing stripes.)

Old school Isla!  Long may they reign!


colby said...

great rides have seen a bunch of them. will be there on the 21st. did you happen by casa havana on this trip. we are staying there.

Life's a Beach! said...

Colby, we stayed just down the street from Casa Havana at the end of our stay. Looks nice, and you're extremely close to good eats! If you're into seaglass and have good knees, go down below the malecon in that area!

colby said...

thanks would love to meet yall there sometime. if i find some good finds i will try to save and send to you.

Stillhowlyns Travels said...

Cool rides but, hey, you can drive to San Carlos!

Anonymous said...

The popcorn man is Eloy. What a character he is. Helen

Carol Schultz said...

It seems that tiny vehicles are the ones that rule the road in this city, huh? You have a lot of cart rentals to choose from, and most of them were cute and unique! I adore the pink Chevy the most! :D

Carol Schultz @ A Plus Carts and Parts