Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to the Bistro

Sometimes we get distracted by all the new and forget our old favorites. 

In April, we noticed Victor's French Bistro open during the evenings, so we had to go back!  Since we're usually on the island in low season, we've missed eating dinner there for a few years.  

The front of the building looks like the Bistro has a fresh paint job!  We actually ate our first meal ever on Isla Mujeres back in 2002 at the Bistro Francais.  Then there weren't as many choices on the island for dinner.  We weren't expecting much on a tiny little laidback island in Mexico, but Victor's food surprised us!

Victor serves a number of tasty dishes.  My favorites over the years have been the shrimp kabobs, filet mignon kabobs, and portobello mushroom salad.   The Surf and Turf is also great when lobster's in season.

 I chose the shrimp kabobs that night and they didn't disappoint!  Wonderful as always!

Craig ordered the filet mignon veal in pepper sauce, which also tasted fantastic!

We didn't make it there this year in the morning,, but Victor also serves great breakfasts!   The French toast has been my favorite dish over the years.

After dinner at the French Bistro, we wandered to Medina just in time to take in the last light of another day in Paradise. 

Back to the basics!  Dinner at the Bistro Francais and a sunset stroll!

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