Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Don your sombreros!  It's Cinco de Mayo!

We just polished off a bowl of guacamole, so I thought I'd wish everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo and post the second edition of Isla Rides.  We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant last night with friends.  Casa Blanca (not THAT Casa Blanca) was having a huge party on the front patio, but the revelers were celebrating the owner's sister's 50th birthday instead of the big beer holiday.  They evidently were expecting the birthday girl when we arrived because everyone stood, donned masks, and started singing!  LOL  I haven't had that warm of a welcome in years!  They quickly sat down when they realized I wasn't THAT girl.

What's more Mexican than a VW Bug and a chihuahua?  Too bad he wasn't in the driver's seat!

I guess these little Corona trucks are also quite fitting for a Cinco de Mayo post!  I was driving through a shopping area today and a college kid in a large sombrero was waving a huge blowup Corona bottle trying to flag people into the restaurant.

This is something I never used to see on Isla!  Granted, they may be paddle boards instead of surfboards.

 Speedy delivery on the pollo moto!

Craig trying to hitch a ride in Tarzan's jeep.

The coconut jeep.

 This truck's got soul Sol!

Coca-Cola's also delivered in little trucks.

King of the bumper stickers.

What's this cartoon character?

Got gas?  (Keep it to yourself.)

Old school ride.

Note the name on the roof of this golfcart!  Craig and I got a good laugh when he drove past Mogagua.  I know a lot of owners who feel the same way about their golfcarts!  (I posted this on Facebook and friends explained his nickname is Cacahuate, so the cart name's not a reflection of his ride's condition.)


went coastal said...

ha!I woulda thought the same thing...the first time I heard the cheese vendor from Oaxaca chanting ("Kay SO?! wha HA!! CaCa CaCa") I asked my friend to explain why it appeared the guy in white was yelling in the streets about Caca?? She explained after she stopped laughing.

Life's a Beach! said...

I also wondered why the guy was calling his cheese CaCa! LOL

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

More great photos that elicit a grin and chuckle!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Lynda!