Saturday, April 13, 2013

Travel Day

I never do trip reports, but just this once I'll make an exception and tell you about our commute to Isla Mujeres.  Day One (but you probably won't be seeing Days Two through Seventeen).

We breezed through the airport in record time.  Our flight landed late at 3:25 p.m. because they had to change a tire on the tarmac in Phoenix.  I'm definitely glad they took care of that, but that meant ibuprofen as we sat for over five hours in the exit row seats that don't recline ass as opposed to four.  We literally had no wait at immigration because I noticed a lane to the far left with no one in it.  Look to the left!  Our bags were first up on the carousel because we'd offered to check our carry on and the checked bag rolled up right alongside.  Magical!  I noticed a customs line where they were skipping the machine and letting you punch the light for red or green, and since the gods were with us on Friday, we got green!  Best Day said it would be 10 minutes, but then immediately put us in a van headed to Playa Mujeres resorts.  They dropped us at Gran Puerto on the way with 15 minutes to spare before the 4:30 p.m. ferry.

Three groups of passengers up top on the ferry were people I recognized off our flight.  That's a little unusual!  

New Puerto Juarez live aboard A/I in the foreground.

 Can't believe I've never noticed Capitan Hook's docks and ships before this.  Aaargh.

The crossing was a little rough and salty up top, but we arrived on time and were in the door by 5:00 p.m.

After a swim, Craig greeted his biggest fan, Missy Moo, who ran over to investigate.

We decided to walk to El Centro for dinner.  I snapped a photo of the sun setting behind clouds along the way.

High season's waning, but there were still a decent number of customers in the restaurants along Hidalgo.  Lots of kids were riding the little rental carts up and down the street, so that's good for the cotton candy man!

And the balloon man who strolled past with his lizards!

I was dying for Fredy's baked shrimp, so Craig agreed since he loves the pork chop!  Everything was perfect, and Fredy even grilled a tomato for me since I'm allergic to spinach.

Early to bed, early to rise!

Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise?  Nahhh.  But it does let a man see the sunrise!  : )


Stillhowlyns Travels said... delighted to be sharing this Isla time! The last time we took the Puerto Juarez ferry, a pickup truck drove off a bit too soon... splash!

went coastal said...

Ha! I never knew Missy's last name...I'm sure she was glad to see you! The pirate ships are newish at that location. I suprised the vehicle going off the ferry didn't make the news. Last year someone drove off the pier and it was in several papers. Always love your photos!!

EatDiveTravel said...

The people you photographed on the ferry were the only other patrons in the restaurant I went to this morning.... Isla is such a small world!