Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Isla Rollback

Don't know why I'm all confused on days, but it seems like Monday morning.  Wish I could roll back time two days so we still had a week left on the island.

A glorious Monday sunrise.

After the Monday sunset.

Car ferry arriving in the morning.

 Car ferry rolling away at last light.

Breakfast at Amigo's.

Morning along Medina.

Watching the street from our favorite spot.

Watching King of the Hill from my favorite lounge chair.

Unidentified man snorkeling with a large rubber turtle.

 Watching the seaglass pile.

Evening dinner at Qubano.

Oh well.  It's not Walmart and there are no rollbacks, but it looks like a great day for the beach!!!


drgeo said...

I think Craig's birthday turtle is very dashing, and also prevents him from getting run over by a boat.

Janet said...

Beautiful pictures as always Becky. My this vacation time is passing quickly, I guess, unfortunatley vacation time always does pass too fast!

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, shhhhh. I'll get in trouble.

Janet, as always, seems much too short!