Monday, April 22, 2013

Signage and More

Fresh fish!

The Avalon welcoming committee.

In need of maintenance.

Haven't ever eaten here, but the name probably wouldn't be P.C. back home.

Good point to ponder!

The continental breakfast sign.

Saw this on the way home from the beach and wondered -- love to smoke ???  Later saw the Love Discoteque in El Centro.

Love the sentiment on this sign!  Imagine, dream, believe!

 This guy could be my fraternal twin.  Looks like he's also waiting on his dental implant.  ja ja ja

Bebidas anyone?  I'll have the watermelon liquada!


I would love to!

The fading Coca Cola sign.

Yes, we are on island time!

Now being posted at all seaglass beaches on the island to protect the endangered seaglass.

Three beer truck (Rhymes with two buck Chuck?).

Barlito -- one of my favorite signs.

A bad sign?  Hmmmm.  Just don't go near the seaglass beaches because that's where they live.  ja ja ja 

3 comments: said...

la negrita means'' the bold loncheria'' one of my favorite places.. manuel, the owner is a really nice guy.. mostly locals there. have been going to isla for 30+ years.. love your blog! wendy labruzza

Ann said...

Love all the signs! My favorite shell & seaglass place is near the private sign you posted!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Wendy! We'll have to try it!

Ann, haven't tried that area in a long time. Maybe later today!