Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bubb and His Grub!

We've been seriously in pursuit of a decent barbeque joint since the day we moved to Arizona.  Famous Dave's (the pre-fab of BBQ) is about as good as it gets in our neck of the woods.   While we were staying out in the sticks last week, we asked a local if there were any good restaurants in the area.  He named off a few, then mentioned Bubb's Grub with the disclaimer that it seemed to be a Wisconsin thing and the clientele was mixed.  

Mid-afternoon on Thursday (after skipping breakfast and lunch), we were both starved and decided to give old Bubb a try.  

Maybe this is what the guy meant by mixed clientele.  I mean -- it's a pig in a cheesehead hat! 

I ordered the quarter chicken with slaw and potato salad.  Yum!

Craig went for it and ordered a half rack.  He pronounced them the best he's had in Arizona!

The only problem with Bubb's Grub is that it's 90 miles from our house.  Maybe we need to move closer to Bubb's! 


Ann said...

Glad you found a place--it is a tough meal to find! We have one or two places around here, but the closest,
Woods is great!

drgeo said...

Should only take a half hour in your red Ferarri!