Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's for Lunch?

Our son's been home with a broken clavicle for the past month.  He got very stir crazy while we were gone because he couldn't drive a car and was basically stuck at home with Saby.  His favorite question now that we're home is -- Would you guys like to plan on going out for lunch?  He just asked and we said yes, but I had to remind him that lunch is still three hours away.  Ha!

So many photos of food got away this trip! If we were out with friends, I'd be immersed in conversation and just forget to take photos of the food. We ate some great lunches that I completely forgot to photograph. The burgers at Bahia Tortuga, the shrimp tacos at Mocambo, and the Chicken Quesadillas at the Mango to name a few. About half the meals, I did remember to snap a photo before I ravaged the plate.

We eat a lot of meals at Bally Hoo on our summer trips to Isla.  It's one of the coolest places to eat in the hot months.  This day at lunch, Craig ordered the fish and chips and I had guacamole and chips.

In addition to being one of the coolest places to eat in the summer months, Bally Hoo is also a great place for people and boat watching.  On Father's Day, island kids were having a blast swimming off the docks right by our table.

Here's my shrimp salad at Jax!  I seem to remember Craig ordering a blue cheese burger that lunch.  He must have eaten very quickly!

For the life of me, I cannot remember which panini this was at Barlito, but it was delicious with its side of pasta salad.

Craig and I often split a burger and fries at Jax.  My fave is the Hawaiian Burger with pineapple, teriyaki sauce, and cheese!  Jax also has great views of the street and beach across the street, especially from the deck up top!

The shrimp tacos at Bally Hoo. One had already been consumed!

The shrimp cocktail at Bally Hoo.  Mocambo's also makes a wonderful shrimp cocktail.  We had those for lunch one day, but alas, they were consumed before I whipped out my camera.

We get our lunchtime salad fix at Vivian's Qubano on Hidalgo.  Most of you probably know this, but she's moved to the location formerly occupied by Victor's Cuba Libre.  His restaurant is up on Juarez now, and the food is still just as wonderful!  The salad above is the Cobb, and below is my all time favorite -- Vivian's Salad with fried goat cheese croutons on top!  Yum!

We spent the first week and a half of our trip staying at Caribbean Casa on Juarez across from the Navy base, so we had to visit La Lomita for our enchilada suizas fix!  We split this plate for lunch one day.  I think La Lomita makes the best enchilada suizas on the island!

I ran into several vacationers on the island who asked me to name my favorite place to eat.  Seriously? Who could pick one when there are so many great restaurants!  In two weeks, we didn't even manage to scratch the surface of culinary delights. 

The countdown is on.  Only two hours now until lunch.


Moongrl722 said...

Some of my favorites on there! Vivian salad -- SWOON!!! Anything from Barlito (oh, baby!) and fish or shrimp tacos from Ballyhoo. Mmmmmm...yes, please! Great food porn, Beck.

drgeo said...

And I bet you now have a great list of places that will deliver to your house!

Ann said...

So many great choices--we had this discussion with friends the other night that are headed down to Isla on Sat. And they are introducing his kids to the island so they get to see it all through fresh eyes!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Jana! Drgeo, what we found out is that no one delivers except pizza. All the restaurants have delivery vans, but they only do large catering deliveries. There was a pizza box on the counter when we got home.

Ann, oh to be a newbie again, but I guess our impression would not be the same. I remember a sleepy village with no highrises and a lot fewer restaurants. Playa Norte was nearly vacant, and the streets weren't clogged with taxis and golfcarts. It was extremely peaceful.